Juste de l’eau – Film d’Animation

Juste de l’eau (2014), un film d’animation de Carlos De Carvalho

Juste de l’eau (2014) from Carlos De Carvalho on Vimeo.

The story takes place in Lisbon at the time of the great maritime discoveries. Explorers, looking like pigs, arrive in the harbour after a long voyage across the oceans. Everywhere in the city small groups gather and congratulate each other. Couples meet again after a long separation and hug one another. They organize spontaneous round dances and celebrate their return. Meanwhile, a young pig has the strange feeling of being completely isolated from the others in his own native city…

Credits —————————————————–

Direction :
Carlos De Carvalho

Technical direction :
Pierric Danjou

Modeling & Animation :
Sophie Dufétel
Jean-Baptiste Henguelle
Clément Holvoet
Thomas Lecourt

Music :
Jean-Philippe Goude

Sound engineer :
Christian Cartier
Maxence Ciekawy

Production :
Je Regarde

Making Of :

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