Storm Trooper – Prise de Tête

TK 421 by Jeff Shelly

Tie or Die (Bottom Left) by Greg Storey

Coe by Ryan Brahe

Tribal Trooper by George Fong

Storm Scooper by Kim Porter, Do You Want Ants? by Alex Riegert-Waters, Comic Legacy by Tom Marvelli

Supertrooper by Si Fang

Reaper by Ken Nelson, The Commander by Danny Osterman, Eleventh Dimension by Sugar Coated

The First Legion by Brian Godlewsk, Team Deathstar by Rick Kess, Lonely Hearts at Trooper Rock by Dan Owen

Beginning of the End by Jordin Aldridge


Quelques pièces exposées lors de l’exposition  » Star Wars Legion Art Exhibit « , le 5 mai 2014 à la galerie Robert Varges, à des fins caritatives.


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