Lennon, 30 ans déjà

Haha, vous avez cru que j’avais oublié !!! Mais ca va pas non ??? Allez, Hop, international expression of the Heart : 

I’m just a Genius Guy


Yeah… Firstplanetary Rock star to disappear in such a way that the whole world got high on emotion…Dear John would be 70 this year, but 30 years ago today, he was brutally murdered by Bastard Chapman…He had a beautiful Boy, a Dear Yoko, More famous than jesus (he was the Walrus), never accepting things for what they seemed, always just like starting over, playing mind games.Anyway… We miss U john.

Visit his official (?) Website and the Bagism Website

John Winston Ono Lennon has been exhumed in print more than any other popular musical figure, including the late Elvis Presley, of whom Lennon said that he “died when he went into the army”. Such was the cutting wit of a deeply loved and sadly missed giant of the twentieth century. As a member of the world’s most successful group ever, he changed lives, mostly for the better. Following the painful collapse of The Beatles, he came out a wiser but angrier person. Together with his wife Yoko Ono, he attempted to transform the world through non-musical means. To many they appeared as naive crackpots; Ono in particular has been victim of some appalling insults in the press. One example shown in the film Imagine depicts the cartoonist Al Capp being both hostile and dangerously abusive. Their bed-in in Amsterdam and Montreal, their black bag appearances on stage, their innocent flirting with political activists and radicals, all received massive media attention. These events were in search of world peace, which regrettably was unachievable. What Lennon did achieve, however, was to educate us all to the idea of world peace. 

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