Animation – little video


My little video is finally done!

Hope you like it!

Fan-made fake trailer for animation based on Victor Pelevin’s “The Sacred Book of the Werewolf” novel.

My first attempt to doing animated video, something I’ve done for fun (and After Effects practice). It took me 2 weeks to make a storyboard and to draw scenes, and 2+ weeks to learn Adobe AE to compose and add effects and animation to it, so it’s more like draft animated storyboard.

Making animation based on Pelevin’s books was my childhood dream, so now I decided to make this dream come true even if it’s only in animated storyboard form. Hope you like it!

Referenced titles for Diving in the TV scene: Neon Genesis Evangelion, The Matrix, In The Mood for Love .

Music by The New Division

Via: kr0npr1nz:

My little video is finally done!
Hope you like…

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