Contour & Shape by denial of service

Contour & Shape

all sound & vision by the denial.of.service ©2015

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Video Artist Makes Human Data Writhe Like Liquid Metal

Denial of Service morphs and glitches Kinect footage in the video for personal track « Contour & Shape. »

– Optimal.Human.Modulation website :

all shots (of myself & surroundings) were achieved entirely on the MS Kinect v1.
PC & Z data were captured & manipulated with Brekel, Processing and Meshlab.
sequences were rendered in 3DSMax with Krakatoa & Vray / After Effects with Trapcode Form.
datamoshing & further glitch was mostly accomplished with ruby code & processing.

audio : Roland TR-808 & SH-101, Oberheim DMX, Clavia NordLead IIX, AKAI S-950, Yamaha CS15, Doepfer A-100 & MAQ 16/3.

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