Contour & Shape by denial of service

Contour & Shape

all sound & vision by the denial.of.service ©2015

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Video Artist Makes Human Data Writhe Like Liquid Metal

Contour & Shape from denial of service on Vimeo. Datamoshing master H. Martis-a.k.a. Denial of Service-will set your ears on edge and leave your mind whirring with his latest audiovisual electrifier for song ” Contour & Shape.” Armed with an impressive arsenal of software and talent, Martis has engineered a coded cyberverse of digitally deconstructed B&W images and sounds.

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all shots (of myself & surroundings) were achieved entirely on the MS Kinect v1.
PC & Z data were captured & manipulated with Brekel, Processing and Meshlab.
sequences were rendered in 3DSMax with Krakatoa & Vray / After Effects with Trapcode Form.
datamoshing & further glitch was mostly accomplished with ruby code & processing.

audio : Roland TR-808 & SH-101, Oberheim DMX, Clavia NordLead IIX, AKAI S-950, Yamaha CS15, Doepfer A-100 & MAQ 16/3.

Denial of Service

quite the dismal day today I see that my unread message count here has just reached the 200 mark. way too much (even to my standards) has ensued during my ‘strike’ (and subsequent absence from all media). come tomorrow I shall begin with the replying process (was supposed to’ve been this past morning, yet, other plans were set in full-force motion apparently…)


denial of.service on Behance

denial of.service on Behance


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