Snow White SuperHero


Superhero Snow White by ~DeathByBacon

Snow White grew up with her father, a computer programmer and single dad. He married Lucille Grimhilde, a wealthy and very beautiful woman. Their family life together was short lived when Snow’s father passed less than a year after the marriage. The rest of Snow’s childhood was miserable. Her stepmother kept her at a distance and piled the household responsibilities on her. About one year after her father’s death, Snow began noticing a change in her strength, her ability to communicate with animals and, after a sudden fall one day, the ability to fly. She kept this a secret to herself and attempted to remain normal.
Lucille, however, was secretly contemplating on what to do with Snow. Grimhilde was actually a powerful sorceress who had married Mr. White to learn of a program she believed he was developing. After a long search, even after his death, she could not find proof of it and began to suspect Snow might know where he had stored it. Her desire to murder Snow became even greater when a second will was found telling of a large left for Snow. Although Snow was unaware of this, Grimhilde decided to go ahead and hire an assassin to kill the 17 year old.
Humbert the assassin went after his target as he was hired to do, but in an attempt to escape, Snow revealed her powers. Humbert decided he could not kill her and instead told her of Lucille’s involvement. He warned her to run, and for two years Snow stayed under the radar, searching for any proof of the program her father may have worked on. Her search led her to a small, underground team of seven computer hackers working for the government. They had been trusted to protect the program, but after hearing of Snow’s story, gave in and allowed her to stay.
Their lab became not only Snow’s new home, but her headquarters as she took the steps to use her powers to protect the innocent. Occasionally, she steps out into the city (in disguises in order to hide from Grimhilde) for a change of scenery. Her love interest involves a young reporter named Fredrick trying to find who she really is.

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